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Dear friend and Stop Vivisection campaigner:

you may well remember that in the spring of 2012 nobody would bet a coin on Stop Vivisection. And yet, to the astonishment of quite a few naysayers, three years later we can announce that we did it!

Out of 39 Citizens’ Initiatives that were started, only three were able so far to present a result to the European Commission, and Stop Vivisection is one of them, having submitted to the Brussels authorities some astonishing 1,173,131 certified signatures collected in all 28 Member States of the EU.

We owe this to people like you, to tens of hundreds of women and men across Europe who committed themselves, no matter what the odds, to two non-negotiable convictions: the conviction that animal experiments harm rather than help the search to cure human illnesses, and the conviction that no animal should have to endure the horrendous practices they’re submitted to every day in thousands of European laboratories.

On May 11, 2015, Stop Vivisection ECI made its way to the European Commission and Parliament in Brussels. Our reasons were heard and publicly debated. A Dossier with 10 requests was submitted to the European Commission, the answer of which is due by June 3rd.

You will find here attached the same Dossier that we presented to the Commission. It is simple and goes straight to the point illustrating our 10 requests to the Commission and some key elements of what we stand for. We hope that you will find it useful for its vision, and for the ideas, data and principles that it contains (see also

Whatever the official outcome in Brussels, we all know that our confrontation with the pro-vivisection establishment will have to go on for longer than we all would like: this is a long-term, demanding, formidable struggle that we can only win all together.

Thank you for being there and doing your best to Stop Vivisection.


The Stop Vivisection promoters team