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Citizens' Committee

Scientific Committee

André Ménache (United Kingdom)

Zoologist and veterinary surgeon, director of Antidote Europe, former President of Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine, André gave his contribution to the Helsinki declaration (milestone in the history of ethic in Research), amending it in favour of the use of substitutive methods. Consultant for Animal Aid, he authored the report "Victims of Charity".

Gianni Tamino (Italy)

Professor of biology, he is also responsible for the specialization course in Bioethics at the University of Padua. He was member of the Italian Parliament (Low Chamber) and the European Parliament where he has been engaged in environment, animals, energy and biotechnologies. He authored several scientific and cultural books and articles; he is the President of Equivita scientific committee, dealing with transgenesis and animal experimentation.

Claude Reiss (France)

Physician and cellular biologist, he has been Laboratory Director for 30 years at CNRS of Paris and at Jacques Monod Institute; ancient Biochemistry Professor at University of Lille, he is founder of Antidote Europe, an association predominantly constituted by physicians and researchers, fighting for a responsible, biomedical, safe and scientifically based research.


Promoter committee

Adriano Varrica (Italy)

European Coordinator STOP VIVISECTION campaign.

Fabrizia Pratesi de Ferrariis (Italy)

Coordinator of Equivita scientific committee.

Sonia Alfano (Italy)

Member of the European Parliament (2009/ 2014).

Vanna Brocca (Italy)

Coordinator of LEAL Magazine "La voce senza voce" (The voice of those without a voice).


Other signatories: Ingegerd Elvers, Núria Querol i Viñas, Daniel Flies, Robert Molenaar.