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Ние настояваме Европейската Комисия да анулира директива 2010/63/EU за защита на животните използвани за научни цели и да внесе ново предложение което премахва екпериментите върху животни и в замяна - прави задължително използването в биомедицината и токсикологичните проучвания на данни които са директно свързани с човешкия вид.

STOP VIVISECTION is a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) that has collected more than 1.150.000 certified signatures asking people to support a paradigm shift in the way biomedical and toxicological research are being conducted. This is the text of our request which advocates the replacement of animal testing with more accurate, reliable, human-relevant methods.

Being an ECI (and not a simple petition), STOP VIVISECTION enters the political arena with an entirely new tool for participatory democracy. In fact, the european citizens have acquired, in 2011, the possibility to propose legislation on matters where the EU has competence to legislate. Seizing this opportunity, a group of scientists and lay citizens from everywhere in Europe have submitted an invitation to the European Commission urging the upgrading of the extremely important field of biomedical research, for the benefit of human health, the environment and animal welfare.